Torsion Bar Puller Tool

Something a little bit different, instead of stainless steel reproduction parts, this is a tool to assist you with the often stubborn and difficult job of extracting the rear suspension torsion bars from the trailing arms, to allow either repair or ride height adjustment.

Made in house from thick wall steel tube, the main threaded puller uses a 20mm thread to provide the loading to pull on the torsion bar.

Using this tool as per the instructions supplied, along with some heat applied using a easily available plumbers blowtorch or similar, makes getting the torsion bars out of the rear beam in-situ a realistic job for the competent DIY mechanic.

You will require a 30mm socket and bar, and a 30mm spanner or large adjustable spanner [neither supplied] to use this tool.

The price for this tool is £36 posted in the UK

We have made this instructional PDF if you need help with your Torsion Bar Puller tool, please click on the following link.

Torsion Bar Info downloadable PDF